Scinnovation | SCPL - R&D Innovation Managers in India
Scinnovation (SCPL) offers innovation management services since 2005. We provide Innovators, Businesses & Not for Profit organisations Intellectual Property and R&D incentives solutions to protect our client’s Intellectual Property, strategy for global launch of products to overcome infringement, get them DSIR recognition for R&D tax benefits in India with our 100% track record and funding / benefits for setting up R&D centres and programs.
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What We Do

How can we help you

SCPL Launcher

Only for companies who are interested in setting up their R&D lab as per DSIR norms and not interested in going for DSIR recognition process at this point of time

SCPL Foundation

Your R&D set up is not structured and organised and need expert advice on finalising layout, how to identify expenses and ensure 100% chance of getting accredited by DSIR so that you don’t have to worry about custom clearance, get tax benefits and access to Govt. funding

SCPL Milestone

You need further accreditation from DSIR for availing direct income tax benefits, identify and report eligible R&D expenses, need help with finalising R&D balance sheet and make annual filing to DSIR to be compliant and address queries raised by your auditor


SCPL Dividend

You already avail tax benefits but unsure whether you are missing out on additional opportunities to save tax as also plan your R&D spend


You want to expand your R&D set up and need grants or soft loans or identify technology partners overseas for collaboration for technology transfer or product validation through our Spanish partner, Zabala Consulting

SCPL Protect

We protect your brand, technology and design in India, USA and globally


SCPL Go to Market

Identifying whether your technology is patentable to providing advice on whether you are infringing on someone else’s Intellectual Property so that you can launch your product overseas without the risk of running into expensive litigations