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Journey of SCPL

Journey of SCPL

SCPL stands for Scinnovation Consultants Private Limited…On the eve of its 12th anniversary, we would like to introduce the founder, Mr. Rajeev Surana, a man who is synonymous with passion, hard work, resilience and ingenuity. His professional journey mirrors the journey of the company he founded.
A great conversationalist but with an amazing restraint, Rajeev went down the memory lane as he shared with us a few anecdotes of his professional and personal journey thus far….
An engineering graduate with a flair for technology, Rajeev was driven towards making a difference in the field of innovation and it was this passion which ultimately laid the foundation for Scinnovation, a company that would cater to innovators. Scinnovation came into existence in 2005 and it has been, as Rajeev puts it, an uphill climb since then. He cheekily recounts how he and his wife were at loggerheads about zeroing on a name for the company and how they eventually went past their differences and came up with the name Scinnovation by merging ‘scaling’ and ‘innovation’. Their love story was no less than a fairytale when one day the duo met and the stars aligned in a manner that has not been undone through all these years. Today, the proud parents to two gorgeous little girls, the marriage has been a grounding factor in his life.
The founder describes his organization as his life force and credits his family and team of faithful comrades for keeping his feet firmly on the ground. Today, SCPL has grown into an organization which also provides IP solutions to startups and businesses. The impact of IP is intangible and omnipresent to countless aspects of our lives. This 12 year long journey has seen its days of trials and triumphs. ‘The barometer for success can never be in the number of your hits and misses; it lies in your learning through your achievements and failures’, says Rajeev as he reflects back on his experiences. On being asked about his most memorable moment till date, he describes the launch of his book ‘Protect your ideas’ as one of the most rewarding moments of his life.
GOTL, an acronym for ‘Get out of the lab’ is another initiative of Scinnovation, which Rajeev proudly describes as a technology blog about exciting and cutting edge innovations, a first of its kind in India. What makes this blog different from other blogs that may cater to technology and innovation is its focus on the entire journey of the innovator- right from the conceptualization of the innovation to the technical problems as faced by the innovator and then its final journey towards completion. ‘GOTL is one of many creative startups to come out of Scinnovation’s treasure box of ideas’, says an elated Rajeev.
The company has moved from strength to strength in carving its niche in the innovation ecosystem. At SCPL, we challenge organizational hierarchy by encouraging every team member to put forth their ideas within and even outside their area of work. I have had the pleasure to be a part of this team through my association with GOTL and as a new member of the company, every day is an opportunity to learn as there are miles to go before I sleep…..

  • Kshitija Barthwal
    Posted at 10:14h, 07 May Reply

    A very well written article and aptly described by the author. All the best Scinnovation!!

  • Priyavrat Bhatt
    Posted at 06:36h, 25 May Reply

    Good one. Nicely written to engage till end. A good add would have been some of the top innovations done by the company and its impact and adoption by the industry

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