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Scinnovation (SCPL) offers innovation management services since 2005. We provide Innovators, Businesses & Not for Profit organisations Intellectual Property and R&D incentives solutions to protect our client’s Intellectual Property, strategy for global launch of products to overcome infringement, get them DSIR recognition for R&D tax benefits in India with our 100% track record and funding / benefits for setting up R&D centres and programs.
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Triumphant SCPL bags IP Excellence Award!



  • USFilings

    • IP Protection – Patent, Trademark, Copyright,  Design
    • IP Due Diligence – Patentability Search, Freedom to operate search
    • IP Audit


  • DSIR

    • Extract R&D from manufacturing
    • Get recognised as In-house R&D Center.
    • Get DSIR Recognition and Approval u/s 35(2AB)

  • GOTL

  • Discover GOTL

    • Enabling innovators to convert ideas into reality
    • Online platform for for sharing stories of exciting and cutting edge innovations in a crisp and fun package.


Scinnovation (also known as SCPL) is in the business of Scaling Innovation since 2005 and provides innovation, R&D and Intellectual Property (IP) solutions to start ups, innovators and businesses.


SCPL is involved in creating the innovation ecosystem by getting ideas protected globally, creating IP strategy for new product launch, availing tax benefits and getting access to funding for carrying out R&D / innovation and piloting out different programs and platform to make it easier for innovation to reach markets.


Specifically, SCPL has a 100% track record in providing turnkey solution to clients in extracting R&D from manufacturing set up, availing recognition and approval from Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), India and maximising tax benefits for clients with DSIR recognition and approval.


SCPL also works with clients interested in availing grant and soft loans for carrying out R&D involving product and technology development which gives them the opportunity to undertake ambitious projects and launch new products in market and not be at the mercy of bankers and investors.


We are headquartered in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai with full fledged offices in Noida (NCR region) and Chennai led by our CEO, Rajeev Surana and Creativity Director, Trishla Surana and staffed by Lead Consultants, Associates, Support Team, Interns & Advisors with free lancers and experts so that we can undertake complex projects from different technology domains.


And we believe in fully understanding who you are and only then provide the right solution since we believe in delivering value.


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